Lumix G instruction manuals

Last updated 26/1/2019

Lumix G cameras are very similar in operation and you can use the following manuals as a good starting point for other models.

I’ve recently upgraded to the Lumix G80 (G85), and have added a manual for that camera.

I’ve taken the opportunity to change my approach to using the camera and to custom modes. Rather than having a custom mode for each sensible combination of AF mode and metering mode, I’ve moved to having 3 custom modes for ‘stationary’ subjects that all use FACE DETECTION AF mode and MULTI metering mode.

  • If a face is not detected the camera uses 49-AREA AF mode.
  • Pressing FOCUS AREA SET switches to 1-AREA AF mode with a form of spot metering. You can move and size the AF frame.

If find the ability to switch from FACE DETECTION AF mode to 1-AREA AF mode by pressing a single button really useful.

The latest draft, which may still contain a few errors and typos, is:

Earlier version of manuals for three other cameras are:

For those that used to like them, earlier flow charts are included in: lumix flowchart instructions 1-3.

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  1. Henk Schell says:

    Thank you very much, this is really helpful.

  2. Sue says:

    Brilliant! Thank you

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