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I’ve recommended Lumix G cameras to a number of friends. I’ve then found myself having to give guidance to help them get the best from the camera I’ve recommended.

As a consequence, I’ve developed the instructions linked to below. They provide a reasonably concise description of the use of the cameras for stills photography, but don’t attempt to cover every possible use. In particular, video is not covered.

They do cover:

  • Setting up your camera for ease of use.
  • Ensuring you obtain accurate focus.
  • Optimising exposure.
  • Using back button focus.

The latest releases (version 2.4 and above) have been updated so that touching the screen (typically with your nose) does not move the focus point. This has been achieved by allocating FOCUS AREA SET to a function button and disabling TOUCH AF. Version 2-6 for each camera contains a number of updates to catch details associated with this change.

Manuals are available (in pdf format) for three cameras:

Earlier versions of these manuals included flow charts illustrating the operating sequences to be use. Some people didn’t like them, so I took them out. However, other readers have said that they preferred the flow charts, so I’ve written the following document based on flow charts that should apply to all 3 cameras (and most other Lumix G cameras). It should be read in conjunction with the appropriate camera manual.

  • Additional documentation using flow charts: lumix flowchart instructions 1-3. (Errors in version 1-2 corrected. This is an early version and I would appreciate feedback.)

Revised versions will be released when appropriate – note the version numbering at the end of the file name.

Let me know if you find this approach to describing the use of the cameras helpful, or if you have constructive suggestions.

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  1. Henk Schell says:

    Thank you very much, this is really helpful.

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